Why waste time scouring the internet and newspapers for channel listings for the sports your customers want to see, when you can get it all in one spot? We do the work for you!

"Dave & Buster's is a "Raving Fan" of Satellite Sports Schedules services. Not only do our Managers have quick easy access to the information, Jay's service helps us maximize our programming investment with DirecTV. We all know that happier guests stay longer and spend more. I highly recommend Jay's service."


Mike Plunkett

Senior Vice President

Dave & Buster's

The Satellite Sports Schedule package includes...

  • Complete daily channel listings of all of the major US pro and college sports that can be emailed or faxed for easy printing.
  • Simplified format that is easy for your staff to read, all in one place.
  • Cost effective!  Only $1 per day for all of the satellite sports information you need, 365 days a year!
  • 24 hour email and phone support.



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Complete satellite channel

listings for Pro

and College...

  • Football

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Hockey

  • Golf

  • Motor Sports

  • Olympics

  • and more!


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